Introduction to Data Science: A Beginner’s Guide

Chapters include:

  • Overview and Introduction to Data Science
  • Data Science Industry Applications
  • Data Science Key Terminologies

About the ebook

Statistically speaking, Data Scientists today share the spotlight with the most sought-after technical experts. As indicated by Glassdoor, Data Scientist has been the top job in the US for four successive years and is progressively distinguished as a fundamental business development segment. The interest for data science expertise hikes multifold each new day, as the job’s significance is beiḤng comprehended. The need to formalize this calling has now risen gigantically, making it one of the business’s most esteemed employments.

What data scientists do can appear moderate when articulating – they deal with issues by preparing themselves, breaking down and understanding data to pass on information, anticipate developing patterns, and, at last, give bits of knowledge to improve results. In any case, things get monstrously intriguing when you attempt to see how they do this! 

Data Scientists consolidate their coding abilities and aptitude with their insight into statistics and mathematics, to extract all the valuable domain expertise. Applying AI computation to information such as pictures, content, numbers, sounds, videos, and so on, they produce AI (artificial intelligence) frameworks that can perform tasks that generally require a human brain. These AI frameworks then generate insights that can be used by analysts to produce corporeal business desirability.

In this data science beginner’s guide, you can learn data science basics to begin your data science journey.

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